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The intention of this site is to help schools and businesses become more metric aware.  We believe the way to this is without conversion tables.  Instead we will be offering posters, tools and games with image associations.

Although this site was developed for the United States to help convert to metric.

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Anyone is welcome to use the material for teaching the metric system.  

When you look at an object, most people in the U.S. can give an idea of it's size in inches or feet. Some can then convert this to metric in their minds. Our goal is to get you to estimate sizes in metric without needed to know conversions.

Input, suggestions and help are always welcome.  Although we are not an official non-profit organization, we are not looking to make a profit. We want to help people become metric aware. We will try to offer as much as possible for free, but all money spent on our products and this site, comes out of our pockets, so some items will have a charge to cover exness forex basic costs.

Why are we doing this? Because the metric system is so much simpler and easier to use than the English system of measurement and  we strongly believe fully converting to the metric system in the U.S. is necessary.

Until we fully convert to metric, we remain in this twilight zone of Metric/English measurement where conversion tables will forever haunt us. 

The metric system was adopted by most European nations in the 19th century.   In 1866 an act of the Congress of the United States legalized the metric system as a secondary system of weights and measures in the United States. In 1893 an order of the Secretary of the Treasury standardized the customary units of the yard and the pound in terms of the meter and the kilogram.  By these steps the metric system became the primary system of weights and measures in the United States, Nevertheless, with the exception of science and a few other specialized fields, we have entered the 21st century and the English system is still predominantly used in the United States.


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